The Mantis™ Mirror System Increasing Bicycle Safety and Enjoyment, by Eliminating Rear Blind Spots.

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The Problem

The problem is that biking in general has become less safe, due to things like increased road traffic and of course, Distracted Driving! No matter how good a bike rider one is , when you don’t know what’s behind you, it can be an accident waiting to happen. Knowing what is approaching you is key to safer bike riding.

Nearly 400,000 preventable bicycle accidents occur every year, with many of them being caused from rear approaching vehicles. Sadly, bike riding fatalities have steadily been rising over the last decade, with nearly 1,300 deaths occurring during 2020, in the U.S. alone. Bicycle deaths accounted for 2% of all motor-vehicle traffic fatalities (National Safety Council 2022)

Although the traditional bicycle mirror can help, it has many limitations – so many, that many bike riders have simply given up on using a mirror. One major limitation of existing bike mirrors, are their inability to allow the rider to see from any position on the bike, unless the mirror is readjusted while riding – a very DANGEROUS THING TO DO!

As for trying to look over your shoulder; or under your arm, these are not good solutions as it offers limited information to the rider; takes more energy to do so; can affect your cadence; let alone, turning around can negatively affect a riders balance. The science and stats are there to substantiate these problems, so there has to be a better solution. THAT SOLUTION IS THE MANTIS MIRROR SYSTEM!

The Solution

How it Works

Imagine a snap on helmet mirror that addresses all of the limitations existing bike mirrors have, such as: Vibration; A multitude of adjustments to suit all riders; An easy snap on/ snap off format; A novel marking system which allows for quick reconfiguring if required on a new ride; AND; The ability to see from any position on the bike, a rider might assume e.g., from standing to more aero dynamic positions – all without having to readjust the Mantis™ Mirror System!

This patent pending system is currently in advanced proto-type stages now, with Beta testing underway, yielding very positive results! Biking needs to be made safer for bicyclists everywhere and the Mantis™ Mirror System can help do that!

The Mantis™ Mirror System



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The Mantis™ Mirror System differs greatly from all other currently available bicycle mirrors, in that it allows the rider to view rear approaching objects, from any position the rider assumes, without having to readjust the mirrors once initially setup – this increases safety, comfort and overall convenience while riding. The Mantis™ Mirror System provides for a solid attachment to the helmet, thus greatly reducing any possible road vibration induced issues. It is also easily removable; has a multitude of angular/ height adjustments for the riders; offers two front reflectors to allow on coming traffic to see you better; has a novel marking system to allow the rider to more quickly set the system up on future rides; has a “walking” mode which allows the system to be quickly raised up (eliminating the problem of the mirrors making contact with anything around you when off your bike).

The Mantis™ Mirror System is not positioned directly in front of your eyes, rather it is angled off to the side. Thus there is no blocking of forward vision.

The Mantis™ Mirror System is installed by first attaching a small mounting piece to your bicycle helmet by way of a special adhesive tape. Once installed the Mantis™ Mirror System quickly snaps on (or off) to the previously mounted adapter piece.

The Mantis™ Mirror System will attach to virtually any type of bike helmet.

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